Designed for everyone, everywhere

Skirr.io makes automation for developers simple, quick and painless. Let clients know when their repository gets pushed via email, or perhaps you want to automatically upload the new repo via FTP or SFTP. All this can be done with Skirr.io


We understand that security is important to you, it is for us as well. Any sensative information we store is encrypted and only ever decrypted when we use it for deployment.

One push, every device

After create a listener and add any events you like, thats it! Whatever you like will happen everytime there is a push. FTP upload, SFTP upload, custom SSH commands, emails, sms and more!

Full of features

We have loads of features that help get you off and running in no time. As well as API allowing you to intagrate Skirr.io into your own applications.


Seamless Integration

Right out of the gate we intagrate with GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, and can even add custom intagration with personal GitLab installations.


Choose your perfect plan

We have several prices all done though Patreon as I like their platform.



1 Repository
2 Events
Basic Support

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Development Team


Unlimited Repositories
Unlimited Events
Advanced Support
Custom GitLab Integration

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